A to B Rollerski

An inspiring documentary about a Latvian sportsman in the United States is in the making process.

A To B Rollerski

picture rights: Elizabete Taurina, atobrollerski@gmail.com

By Elizabete Taurina „A to B Rollerski” documentary will tell an ambitious and inspiring story about Latvian sportsman Raymond Dombrovskis and his amazing 4200 miles long journey on rollerskies all the way from Arctic to Mexico in 90 days back in 1988. This September the film company Moodwork together with the film’s main character will travel back to the USA to relive the same exciting adventure, discovering the similarities and differences in people and places over the last 26 years.

The professional sportsman and seven times USA champion in biathlon Raymond Dombrovskis started his remarkable journey in 1988 after surviving a serious operation which kept him from participating in the Calgary Olympic Games. It was a dramatic point in his professional career and thus a real moment of reflection. In order to keep fit, but most importantly to understand how to live on, Raymond began a trip from Inuvik in Arctic to Baja in Mexico doing what he loves – traveling on rollerskies. No one had ever done anything like this and till this day no one has repeated him.

Arnis Aspers, director and producer of “A to B Rollerski”: “This is the moment when we know – the story about Raymond, his boundless power of human spirit and endless courage needs to be told to inspire people around the world to do new and great things. About 20 hours of video material has been saved from 1988 and will be used for the basis of the movie. This September Raymond and our filming crew will return to Inuvik where it all started and will cover the same road to Baja, filming the movie.”

Raymond Dombrovskis: “Without a doubt I can say that this documentary won’t be another story about how to go from A to B on rollerskies. This will be a story about the most important time of my life when just like a house of cards, all my dreams collapsed and my goals faded away with it. The movie will tell about the moment when I was left with two options – to give up and be stuck in my misery or to gather all my willpower and move on, proving myself and everyone else that not the circumstances but ourselves are the ones to set the

In order to meet the quality requirements, the filmmakers are seeking financial support that will be divided between the filming process in the USA and the post production. “A to B Rollerski” team is also planning to present the project in the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter where everyone will be welcome to support the film. The premiere of “A to B Rollerski” documentary is planned in 2015, but anyone who shares an interest is welcome to follow the news and adventures of making the movie on homepage www.atobrollerski.com and the social media.